Reopening Task Force and Implementation Team

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A group of front-line library staff from Boca and Jupiter was convened by the Dean of University Libraries in April 2020 to serve as the Libraries' Reopening Task Force. They were charged to brainstorm ideas on necessary steps to be taken in order to reopen the libraries' physical facilities following the COVID19 related closure in mid March. The Task Force presented a preliminary report to library staff on April 29 and solicited additional input via the libstaff list. They issued a final set of recommendations to Library Administration on May 8. Those recommendations were discussed with the Libraries Leadership Team. The Libraries' Senior Leadership Team then carried out a series of meetings with the Task Force to review the recommendations and make preliminary decisions.

One of the outcomes of the work of the Task Force has been to establish an Implementation Team, chaired by Steven Matthew, that will begin the process of preparing the Boca and Jupiter libraries for an eventual reopening to the public sometime in the fall of 2020.

All decisions about reopening the physical facilities will need to be approved by the appropriate University groups and should be considered preliminary.

Members of the Reopening Task Force

  • Garrett Goode- Chair

  • Christie Lynch

  • Sarah Elsesser

  • Maggie Ng

  • Robert Feeney

  • Linda Lesperance

  • Lynnette Connor

Members of the Implementation Team

  • Steven Matthew- Chair

  • Mahesh Neelakanta

  • Hector Moyet

  • Linda Lesperance

  • others as needed

As the Libraries continue to prepare for an eventual reopening of physical facilities, they will be utilizing an array of guidelines and models that can be reviewed at the site for Reopening Background Materials at