LibGuides Review Working Group

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of the FAU Libraries has undertaken a brief review of our LibGuides and has concluded that they are too numerous, sometimes duplicative of each other, often not kept up to date, hard for users to find, and sometimes used when a web page would be more effective. Accordingly, SLT is charging a LibGuides Review Working Group to review the existing structure and content of LibGuides at FAU. While they are encouraged to look at how other libraries, especially within the SUS, have utilized LibGuides, this Working Group’s job is not to undertake a comprehensive review of LibGuide usage at other libraries.

The FAU Libraries LibGuides Review Working Group is charged to:

  • Conduct a review of the LibGuide structure at FAU

  • Consult with the primary authors of FAU LibGuides for technical and other information, as needed

  • Improve the user experience with LibGuides by:

    • Developing measures of effectiveness and usability

    • Ensuring they are an integral part of the library website and research at FAU

    • Enhancing the access and discovery of LibGuide content

  • Create a set of best practices and a tip sheet, including:

    • Whether the content is more appropriate for a web page

    • How often the content should be reviewed/updated and by whom

    • How to determine when a LibGuide should be deleted or archived

    • Recommending mechanisms to identify creators/owners in a standardized fashion

  • Determine existing LibGuides that should be deleted or archived

  • Create a clear list of who is responsible for LibGuide creation and editing

The Working Group will begin its work on October 5 and will submit their findings and recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team no later than February 1, 2021. Membership of the Working Group consists of:

  • RJ Stamper (co-chair)

  • Yom Chouloute (co-chair)

  • Jerrel Horn

  • Dawn Frood