Libraries Leadership Team (LLT)

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The purpose of the Libraries Leadership Team is to:

    • Discuss policies, commitments, services, guiding principles, clarify roles

    • Make collective decisions, with final authority resting with the Dean

    • Communicate out to rest of libraries faculty and staff

    • Bring issues forward from libraries faculty and staff


    • All department or unit heads. As the Libraries are reorganized, the membership of this group will change.

    • Library administration (Senior Leadership Team)

    • Adjunct Members: The Senior Medical Librarian, one representative from the library faculty, and one or two representatives from Library Staff.

The Library Leadership Team (LLT) meets the second Wednesday of every month from 10am-12pm, unless the meeting is canceled or rescheduled by group consensus.

Members rotate convening/setting agendas and running meetings and taking minutes. The 2022 schedule is located at:

2020-2021 Members

Pam Alderman (Director, HBOI Campus Library)

Bruce Barron

Ken Frankel

Maris Hayashi (Asst. Dean)

Carol Hixson (Dean)

Amy Kornblau (Asst. Dean)

Steven Matthew

Elise Morgenstern

Mahesh Neelakanta (Director of ITS)

Joanne Parandjuk

Leah Plocharczyk (Director, MacArthur Campus Library)

Melanie Poloff

Dawn Smith (Asst. Dean)

RJ Stamper

Vicky Thur (Asst. Dean)

Adjunct Members

Jerrel Horn (Boca Staff Member)

Michelle Keba (Senior Medical Librarian, College of Medicine)

Linda Lesperance (Jupiter Staff Member)

Larry Mello (Library Faculty Member)

Some materials may not be available for viewing by all staff or by the general public.

LLT Resources

The Leadership Team is taking primary responsibility for keeping an updated list of achievements related to the Strategic Goals on the following Google doc:

Updates on work carried out during COVID are being tracked on a Google document:

Meeting Agendas and Minutes Below