All-Staff Meetings and Dean's Updates

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This page will collect information shared at Library All-Staff Meetings. Dean Hixson instituted All-Staff Meetings in August 2015 and they usually occur once a semester in the fall and spring. There have also been some optional meetings open to everyone in the summer and fall of 2020. Meeting dates of those meetings are listed below and some materials from the meetings are also available below:

    • 8/24/15

    • 10/27/15

    • 1/13/16

    • 8/4/16

    • 5/11/17

    • 4/26/18

    • 11/13/18

    • 4/2/19

    • 5/21/19

    • 12/16/19

    • 3/4/20

    • 6/5/20

    • 7/23/20 (open meeting for staff)

    • 8/13/20

    • 9/21/20 (Ask SLT)

In addition to all-staff meetings, Dean Hixson began providing periodic email Updates to library faculty and staff during the closure of the library facilities due to COVID19 and the subsequent reopening in August 2020. The records of those email updates are archived in the files below, with the most recent updates appearing at the bottom of the list of files.