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Collections Advisory Committee

Sustainable Access to Scholarly Resources for Teaching, Learning, and Research


The FAU Libraries Collections Advisory Committee (CAC), chaired by the Assistant Dean for Collection Strategies and Discovery Services, or other appropriate library administrator, shall collaborate with the Libraries Administration in reviewing the broad principles, criteria, and/or processes to be applied when reducing or adding scholarly resources (particularly electronic journals and databases) to support student and faculty learning, teaching, and research needs. The CAC will also advocate on behalf of the Libraries to faculty colleagues on issues related to collections funding and budgets.


1. One or two faculty members per college, appointed by their Dean. If two, the members will be from different departments. Each College will have only one vote when votes are necessary.

2. The Head of Collection Management at FAU Libraries, or designee.

3. The Libraries’ Dean or her designee.

2020-2021 Membership

    • Maris Hayashi, Chair (Libraries)

    • Clifford Brown (Arts & Letters)

    • Rebel Cole (Business)

  • Chandra Mishra (Business)

    • Marianna Colvin (Social Work)

    • Cristobal Salinas (Education)

    • Hongbo Su (Engineering)

    • Tsung-Chow “Joe” Su (Engineering)

    • Steven Lewis (Medicine)

    • Salvatore Lepore (Science)

    • Tiffany Briggs (Science)

Links to background information and selected presentations made to Faculty Senate or other faculty bodies can be found on the Library Collections page at: