Library Reserves & Services Working Group

NEW:  Online Guide to Textbooks on Reserve or Free E-Resources available at:

The purpose of this working group is to create, improve, and promote library collections and services that will enhance the University’s performance against Metric 3 as it relates to reducing the cost to students of course materials, thus resulting in a lower cost of degree for students.



Sheri Edwards, Chair
Ken Frankel
Dawn Frood
Steven Matthew


  1. Develop policies and procedures for increasing the number of textbooks on Reserve in the FAU Libraries.

    1. Work with campus and Libraries units as needed to develop procedures for acquiring, providing access to, and curating a growing collection of course materials for Reserve

    2. Track the usage of these materials and produce regular reports or reports on demand for Libraries or University Administration

    3. Maintain a standing Reserve collection and develop outreach to faculty to acquire and utilize these materials for their courses

  2. Develop a comprehensive guide to a course materials available on Reserve or available through open sources such as what they have developed at USF St. Petersburg:

    1. Work as needed with other campus units to integrate this information into other databases or catalogs

  3. Work in close collaboration with the Center for eLearning to develop resources and educational materials to assist faculty in identifying and selecting free or low cost course materials

    1. Continue to develop and maintain general libguides (such as free e-books and textbooks that outline the resources faculty have available when selecting course materials for their classes

    2. Develop training modules geared to faculty to help them select appropriate open-access resources