Student Library Advisory Committee

The Student Library Advisory Committee was established by the Dean of Libraries in the fall of 2018 as a means of increasing two-way communication between FAU students and the FAU Libraries Administration. Interested students were invited to submit an application where they shared  why they were interested in being part of the group. A similar process for soliciting members will be followed each year or periodically throughout the academic year as new members are needed.

Charge: The Student Library Advisory Committee (SLAC) will provide an informed student perspective on library policies, services, collections, and space to Library Administration. Operations and budget are outside the purview of the SLAC. Serving as a conduit for two-way communication between the Libraries and FAU students, the Committee will advocate to promote the value of the library to FAU students, faculty and staff, as well as to the broader community of which FAU is a part.  Members will normally serve for one academic year.

2018-2019 Members

Nadine Akin           College of Science (Undergraduate)
Grant Baron          College of Arts & Letters  (Undergraduate)
Alana Brady           College of Design & Social Inquiry (Undergraduate)
Meyling Chow       College of Arts & Letters (Undergraduate)
Kevin Roble            College of Education (Graduate Student)
Soriah Soler           College of Science (Undergraduate)
Tracey Tobkin        Wilkes Honors College (Undergraduate)
Ashton Woods      College of Science (Undergraduate)
Shaina Zacharia    College of Science  (Undergraduate)
RJ Stamper            Director of External Relations, FAU Libraries
Carol Hixson          Dean, FAU Libraries

October 19, 2018