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Collections Advisory Committee

Sustainable Access to Scholarly Resources for Teaching, Learning, and Research



This FAU Libraries Collections Advisory Committee (CAC), chaired by the Libraries’ Assistant Dean for Research and Collections, is charged with recommending to the Dean of University Libraries the broad principles, criteria, and/or processes to be applied when reducing or adding scholarly resources (particularly electronic journals and databases) to support student and faculty learning, teaching, and research needs.


The CAC shall:

1. In light of significant current and projected scholarly resource deficits, identify strategies that aim to balance the resources budget through a sustainable combination of one-time purchases, annual licenses, purchase-on-demand, interlibrary loan, and open access content. Recommend transparent guidelines and processes that will result in expenditure reductions of 15% for FY19 (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019).

2. Recommend an annual process for possible future cuts of 10% for both FY20 and FY21.

3. Recommend principles or criteria to guide the acquisition of additional scholarly resources, should funds become available, to support new or expanding academic programs, curricula, and/or research interests.

4. Garner the support of their colleagues by advocating for the Libraries, including during budgetary crisis and while challenging publishers on unfair tactics and pricing models.



1. One or two faculty members per college, appointed by their Dean. If two, the members will be from different departments. Each College will have only one vote when votes are necessary.

2. The Head of Collection Management at FAU Libraries, or designee.

3. The Libraries’ Assistant Dean for Research and Collections (Chair).


Deliverables and Timeline:

The CAC is asked to write a report that addresses the charge and provides recommendations for strategies toward cuts of 15% in FY19 and 10% in FY20 and FY21 to the collections budget. Recommendations should seek to minimize to the extent possible negative impacts on the FAU undergraduate and graduate education (first and foremost), but also on faculty recruitment, retention, research, and the concepts laid out in FAU’s A Strategic Plan for the Race to Excellence, 2015-2025. The final report is due on February 28, 2019, with progress reports requested in Summer 2018 (if possible) and Fall 2018.

Current Membership

  • Jeff Sundquist, Chair (Libraries)

  • Clifford Brown (Arts & Letters)

  • Don Neubaum (Business)

  • Rebel Cole (Business)

  • Jesse Saginor (Design & Social Inquiry)

  • Cristobal Salinas (Education)

  • Hongbo Su (Engineering)

  • Tsung-Chow “Joe” Su (Engineering)

  • Maris Hayashi (Libraries)

  • Steven Lewis (Medicine)

  • Deanna Gray-Miceli (Nursing)

  • Salvatore Lepore (Science)

  • Tiffany Briggs (Science)

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