Libraries Exhibitions Committee (LEC)

2017 Members

Patricia Koppisch, Chair
Sheri Edwards
Sunghae Ress
John Cutrone
Jerrel Horn
Larry Mello


The Library Exhibitions Committee supports exhibits that highlight the University Libraries’ rich and varied collections and also encourages exhibits that look beyond the walls of the Libraries to incorporate nationally or locally recognized themes and events, University programs, or emerging research. Preparation of exhibits should involve staff from all areas of the Libraries, as well as key university groups.


Review the current display cases and exhibit spaces in the Libraries and draft policy recommendations for content and placement of display cases and other exhibits.

Develop an exhibit proposal form that will be open to Libraries’ staff and to the University Community.

At the end of each academic year (May), solicit exhibit topics for display areas and develop a program of proposed exhibits for the coming academic year. Develop a budget to support the proposed exhibits. The proposed exhibits and the budget will be reviewed and approved by the Library Leadership Team in the summer.

Work with Libraries staff from all areas, as well as with other campus groups, to determine a lead person or group for each exhibit topic. If a lead person has not been determined, or if additional help is desired, the Committee will put out a call to the libstaff list for participation.

Maintain a schedule of approved exhibitions, including the titles, dates of displays, and names of exhibitors, which will be publicized widely through print, electronic, and social media platforms.

Work with Libraries staff and other groups to accommodate exhibits that may come up throughout the academic year outside of the annual planning cycle.

Develop or support training or workshops for staff to enhance their skills in developing engaging and professional exhibits.

Membership and Terms of Service

The Committee will consist of four to six members of the Libraries staff, with representation from faculty, AMP, and AP staff. Each member will serve a minimum of two years and a maximum of three years. Participation is encouraged from all areas of the Libraries.


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